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This is a complete high resolution scan of the January 1910 Official Guide of Railways. This has been converted into Five Adobe Reader files and has been bookmark for easy searching. All 1375 plus pages have been  scanned and can be easily printed out. There are no missing pages and there are two indexes, one for Railroads and one for Steamship Companies. The files have been bookmark in groups of 25 pages for easy searching of individual pages. The adobe files read just like the original OG and are in numerical page order.


The 1910 OG is rich in maps and has system maps for hundreds of railroads, too many for me to list here. There are also many narrow gauge railroads listed, the index on the first pdf file list all the railroads, their gauge and if they have a map. There is also an index map with a sectional map of the entire North & Central American Rail System.

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