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Breaker Point Ignition Wiring Diagram. When the engine is running the battery is continuously being recharged by an alternator or on older systems a generator. This wire is normally pink and is found under the dash.

Circuit Ignition System Ignition Coil Ignite
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Mallory ignition systems wiring unilite diagram mg full diagrams seniorsclub ford coil prop distributor 3 wire mopar performance electronic tach p 9000 for 1936 69 harley 6a 12 volt to 6 resistor e spark digital strong davidson 2003 8548201 hei promaster points high fire panhead timers msd accel eliminator tachometer 6al breaker point 100. An ignition coil consists of two coils of wire wrapped around an iron core known as the primary winding or primary coil and the secondary winding or secondary coil. Breaker Point Ignition Wiring Diagram.

The primary circuit consists of the primary coil the breaker point and the cars batteries.

This circuit operates only on battery current and is controlled by the breaker points and the ignition switch. Exploded view contact breaker assembly typical Harley Davidson. The spark plug gap for that engine would be 035 in. With the right distributor ignition module and a little adaptation of the wiring harness you can convert your breaker-point distributor setup to an electronic system and take advantage of the hotter ignition spark that electronic systems use.